The Meeting

The Meeting

© Rosa Algarrada, june 2020

A group of enthusiasts with great knowledge of organizational structures and great business experience began their first dabbling with Executive Advisoring in 2013. These first steps were already promising from that first moment. The crux of the matter was to create a procedure that would allow us to unleash the potential of people by pushing them to achieve maximum efficiency in their actions. A method that would allow us to take advantage of our resources and that we were able to do our maximum without falling into discouragement, extending our own limits.


We drank from the world of physics, philosophy and different religions, all these fields have been a source of inspiration that have helped us to place Advisoring in the business, institutional and political world. All these investigations have made us conclude that the most important thing is to travel to the awareness of our talents. Have a deep self-knowledge of our resources, as well as the interferences that overshadow them. It is about crossing that two-way bridge between thinking, doing and understanding. Action is what determines progress. And there is nothing as powerful as when we put ourselves at the service of the other and we are capable of creating that great playing field that is «THE ENCOUNTER». There the experiences, skills and knowledge are transitive. And they are also the best fuel to acquire the necessary and sufficient motivation to improve our environments and build a better business environment.


Along this path we have understood the importance of training, of acquiring the greatest possible skill to be able to clearly capture the interiority. The imposing space of truthfulness and the ability to appreciate the impact of the serene, sincere and judicious word. We realize that there is a new way of observing our surroundings. We are not passive observers with our limited senses, but participatory observers of a non-tangible world in permanent interaction with what we observe. We speak of an integrated reality and not of a partial vision that pushes us to build a more humane and just society with stronger values. We have had the privilege of discovering and analyzing among others a formidable Dr. López Quintás, who has crossed our path by chance, and who has possibly infected us with his enthusiasm and good work forever. From him we learned that silence has deep and powerful roots. That it is a space full of correct answers, of the importance of the truth without veiling. Also of our obligation to be truthful, sensitive and fine in feelings to correct and not unnecessarily hurt those who feel affected by that own truth and intelligently seek the right and precise tone.


The desire to experience a profound change is a feeling shared by thousands of people who are eager and hopeful that someone will help them face their misfortunes and emerge stronger from them. To set new challenges and to become optimistic, resolute people with the ability to see the opportunities that life offers us. This is where the Advisor should be. This seeks the truth of the other, and communicates it with flexible enthusiasm, without violence, promoting the freedom of the people to whom it is addressed, since they are complete and full of resources. The Advisor is a person with initiative, someone who fosters the lives of other people by creating community, humanism and a better future. We are proud to be able to accompany, with respect and trust, other people in the search for the signs that reveal the path of courage, honesty, drive and energy. We feel committed to training our capacities: dialogical gaze and listening; always put in value generosity, responsibility, openness, fidelity and cordiality. Co-create new maps, new orientations and new destinations. Always trying to detach ourselves from everything that prevents us from being effective, from everything that is not a constructive contribution to design a better future.


We add to our commitments our past, a professional experience that has allowed us to deal with a diverse and demanding cast of people, institutions and companies. We also contribute our personal experience, which has shown us on more than one occasion the two extremes of the range: on the one hand, that of superb and full joy, full of unforgettable moments, and on the other, that of the fear of pain in the face of losses of loved ones, difficult moments or unquestionable diagnostic illness. All these experiences have brought us here. They have forced us to become masters of managing moments of uncertainty, now so fashionable. In moments of extreme difficulty, your only companion is none other than your own Consciousness, and you understand that Love is the only vibratory field that intertwines and unifies all things, the one that gives meaning to our life, to what we think, say and do.

All this has placed us without shortcuts in the deepest Reflection and the most portentous Action, always trying to find a worthy, although unknown result.


Our desire is to materialize this ambitious large-scale project to reach as many people as possible, with the help of other professionals, with publications and conferences. Participating in projects, doing Advisoring in organizations, promoting meetings with politicians and businessmen, helping to train future generations, in short, improving our environment. Along the way, we discover the talents of others, promote their generosity, and motivate them to meet their challenges. We will be there where we are needed. With our differential talent, that of connection, that of expanding consciousness. With an active attitude, with a dialogical gaze, without prejudice, without preconceived ideas. With amazement, attentive to the fact of the new reality that leads to the correct answer, that reality that guides life, that gives us meaning to ourselves and to what surrounds us.


Creating Seminars with executives, managers and characters who serve in public life where we can transcend and go beyond fills us with immense joy. Because the Encounter and the Dialogue make us grasp the sense of reality with rich and extraordinary experiences for all participants. The Seminars provide us with dialogical encounters. That is the signal towards a knowledge that has nothing to do with the accumulation of information but with the purest essence of the human being. A powerful energy moves, so that when we connect with our consciousness, a different perspective of what we live and where we are opens, and that helps us to fit in. This assemblage point provides a peace of mind and vital force that makes you let go of worries and gain confidence. The senses are sharpened and intuition is maximized. The Dialogic Advisoring Model is an effective and successful method. It allows to broaden consciousness. Connect with that intelligent energy source that has order and government, as it always leads us to healthy behaviors. A path towards truth and wholeness with protagonists such as welcome, accompaniment, deep serenity, integrity and coherence. All of this challenges us towards a clear and powerful vocation of service that we are willing to exercise together with other professionals. We are committed to transmitting this model to the greatest number of people, with the greatest possible impact. Chesterton has already relayed it to us: ”The matter is clear now. It is between the light and the shadows; each one must choose which side they are on ”(1). If we want better companies and institutions and better policies, we have to start with ourselves and have the ambition to want to improve.


I would like to dedicate these lines, from the enthusiasm and humility that corresponds to me, to my daughter Paula for the time stolen in recent years. Also to his father, my traveling companion, my great friend, who with his love, respect and harmony have made my home a comforting place. I extend my sincere thanks to my team for always being there. They are a mirror in which to focus and look at myself, giving me a formidable motivating energy and enormous satisfaction. And to IE Business School for having allowed Rosa Algarrada to be included in its Senior Management programs as Executive Advisor since 2016. A formidable experience with national and international managers, from different sectors, which has allowed the entire Lyskam team to have a deep knowledge of the current business reality.

Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, june 2020

(1) Maisie Ward (2006). Gilbert Keith Chesterton. A Sheed & Ward Book. Rowman & Littlefield
Publishers Inc. p. 551.

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