Strategies to encourage collaboration between employees

Golden rules for effective communication

The ultimate goal of these rules, and of the measures proposed below, is none other than to create an environment of trust in which to carry out the work. Specific measures that can be applied are also suggested:

1. A team is made up of people who pursue a common goal. It is very important to keep this common goal in mind to avoid any kind of rivalry and create unity.

People who pursue a common goal foster collaboration

2. Provide employees with effective communication, in which they can express their ideas and feel heard, and that attention is being paid to what they say.

3.It is prudent to know what each person is doing, without exhaustive monitoring. Thus, in meetings, you get to the point more quickly..

4. Three minutes may seem like a short time, but consistency in meetings is more important and practical than meetings lasting several hours.

In every work team there is a leader to be able to have an effective collaboration.

5.Letting the worker take the initiative is better than imposing a line of action.

6.Encouraging the potential of collaborators increases their interest and enjoyment of their work.

7. Finally,in every work team there is a leader who acts as a guide for the group. It is positive to follow the leader’s directions. It is positive to follow the leader’s directions.

10 concrete measures of high impact on the organization

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Collecting opinions on topics of all kinds fosters collaboration

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