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At LYSKAM we help detect and resolve difficulties in the roadmap of the objectives set by our organizations. The Advising model is viewed from the perspective of Leadership, Teams and Personnel.

Foto de equipo, Rosa en Lyskam

Rosa Algarrada

Project manager

Advisor for the Institute for Integral Management Development (IDDI) of Francisco de Vitoria University (Madrid).

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Executive Coach by the Institute for Integral Management Development (IDDI) of the Francisco de Vitoria University (Madrid). Since 2016 she has been Executive Advisor at IE Business School in its national and international senior management programs, having trained more than two hundred managers. It comes from the business world (Banking and Consulting and Event Organization). She has worked in international organizations in Paris, Madrid and Seville.

She knows how to combine personal and professional experience with her own personal knowledge, drawing inspiration from physicists such as W. Heisenberg, S. Hawking and W. Tiller; scholars like López Quintás, A. Blay, and the also economist J. L. Sampedro; religious such as R. Guardini or E. Stein; also personalities from the sports world like C. Sacramento. They have left a deep imprint on Rosa with their lives that make her a perfect coach to accompany us on the expedition to the awareness of our talents.

Connoisseur in the front line of the working climate of the Spanish company, now she helps business men and women and senior managers to install in their organizations a new culture that transforms the mind and develops the wisdom of those who can influence the business world and the society in a remarkable way.

Jesús Lyskam

Jesús Alonso

President of Honor. Institutional relations

Computer Engineer from U.P. from Madrid.

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Computer Engineer from the U.P. from Madrid, and has additionally studied Space Engineering at the Universities International of Space (France), Technical University of Delft (Netherlands) and Southampton (England).

He has been a professor and researcher at the Polytechnic University of Madrid for 20 years and previously served at the Bull Training Center in France (Noisy Le Grand Mont D´Est, Paris), at the Center of Technology and Research of the European Space Agency in the Netherlands (Noordwijk) and at the International Space University in Germany (Bremen).

Connoisseur of the university world, both Spanish and international, he advises Lyskam EA in establishing international and institutional relations, valuing and spreading the maxim of “love for a job well done.”

Juan José Álvarez Lyskam

Juan José Álvarez

Market and Strategy Director

Graduated in Psychology from University of Granada.

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He has dedicated most of his professional career to the world of HR as a consultant in multinationals, such as Randstad Search & Selection and AIRBUS, focusing on Selection, Training and Development in national and international projects.

Throughout his professional career he has made several publications in psychology and research magazines, papers and workshops. Despite his good professional development within the private company, he decides to put it aside and embark on the path to his true professional dream, starting by giving training courses to private companies and universities according to topics of personal and professional development such as Leadership, Work in Team, Problem Solving, Communication, Social Skills, Creativity, Negotiation, among others.

At Lyskam he acts as a Market and Strategy Consultant.

Avelina Salar

Avelina Salar

Operational manager

Degree in Business Administration and Management from San Pablo University.

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With additional specialization in various business schools (Instituto de Empresa Business School and ISEM). With experience in the banking, fashion and communications sectors, and personal entrepreneurship, with a broad vision of the market.

Person with a lot of energy, enthusiastic, with a very high level of commitment and with the ability to solve problems. He loves new challenges, managing people and adapting to changes. Training is an important part of her professional career, which has led her to develop and update herself on a daily basis.

After these years of experience in the management of large companies, she changes her career by focusing on the Human Capital side. Her negotiating power, communication skills as well as experience in team management make her the ideal Director of Operations within Lyskam EA.

Pedro equipo

Pedro Alfaro

Executive Advisor

Training consultant, director of the Inclusive Musical Group project of the Royal Theater of Madrid, and President of the Symphonic Orchestra and JMJ Choir.

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Founding partner of Musicalthinkers, cellist and composer, Master in Humanities from UFV. Training consultant associated with CEE-Management Paris.

Team coach certified by IDDI, regular IE collaborator, and HEC Paris collaborator.

He has directed more than 600 training activities through music in the last 13 years, for companies such as Astra Zéneca, Santander, Siemens, Mapfre, Merck, Abbvie., Lilly, Renault, Volkswagen, Amadeus, Dior, Informa …

Pedro Alfaro is also the director of the Inclusive Musical Group project at the Teatro Real de Madrid and President of the JMJ Symphony Orchestra and Choir. Can lead trainings fluently in Spanish, English, and French.

At Lyskam Pedro creates new codes of values for organizations and their managers, from the musical experience.

Paula Robles

Paula Robles

Director of content development

Psychology student at the Autonomous University of Madrid

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Motivated by the development and transformation of people, Paula carries out part of her studies in the United States. Their respect for the other’s difference marked a turning point to get to know each other thoroughly and define their character in a definitive way. She continued her training in India, where she did her first psychology practices in a hospital. The culture, diversity of religions, and the limitations of Indian society marked her deeply as well as the joy and vibration of its streets.

At the end of her career, Lyskam Executive Advisors appeared on the road, and her humanistic philosophy in the business field fascinated her. Its president, Jesús Alonso, invited her to participate in this great project, where learning, innovation, and energy are always present.

At Lyskam she acts as Director of Content Development.

Mónica Larrabeiti Loizaga, Lyskam

Mónica Larrabeiti

Executive Advisor

Advisor, Mentor-Advisor, Facilitator of change, Trainer

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Degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the Deusto University, Spain. Certified in TLC (the leadership circle), Co-active Coaching, International Leadership, Ontological and Team Coaching, ORSC, Dialogic Coaching and NLP. She collaborates with the Francisco de Vitoria University – IDDI (Institute for Integral Management Development) and with two other foreign coaching schools as facilitator, mentor and coach. She is the academic director of Egypt’s leading leadership and coaching school.

Executive Advisor, facilitator of Leadership Transformation in management teams and senior coaching teacher in several schools, with 30 years of experience in the field of coaching and leadership, especially in C suite and directors, in multiple companies, Master Certified Coach (MCC ) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and ICF Mentor for Coaches.

Her clients present her as a challenging, intelligent, compassionate, impactful professional and they feel deeply seen to their full potential and with full confidence to face and transcend their greatest challenges.
Perform Executive Advisor tasks in Lyskam EA.