Leadership at Lyskam Executive Advisors, a High Impact Process Sociability

Leadership at Lyskam Executive Advisors, a High Impact Process: Sociability

We continue to discuss the various measurable character subscales during the Lyskam Executive Advisors process. In this article, we will talk aboutsociability and its most notable aspects when assessing leadership.

The value of what is different

The good leader's personality

We live in times where companies are looking for profiles with great social skills, willing to work as a team and present with a large audience. That is why there is a certain tendency to think that organizations look for extroverted profiles and that these are the most successful in management positions.

Now, therereally is no better or worse personality to efficiently carry out a high position. ¿Why? As there are introvert profiles who know how to create a good climate with their ability to listen to others and to welcome other points of view, etc.

Both profiles can add great value when leading your teams. Therefore, there are no good or bad managers.. These are only well-trained or untrained people. These are only well-trained or untrained people. Hence the importance of a good executive education.

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