Impact of the health crisis in the world of Management

Impact of the health crisis in the world of Management

If you should go skating on the thin ice of modern life, dragging behind you the silent reproach of a million tear stained eyes, don’t be surprised when a crack in the ice appears under your feet, you slip out of your depth and out of your mind with your fear flowing out behind you as you claw the thin ice.

Pink Floyd, The Thin Ice (The Wall)

Impact of the health crisis
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Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been hearing diverse opinions about the type of scenario that we will find ourselves in after emerging from this health crisis. ¿To what extent will the above situation change and in what sense?
For example, an indicator of this situation is the boom in telework these days. In this sense, many companies plan to extend the remote work mode beyond the health emergency given the economic and time benefits it represents – increases in productivity, positive effects on family reconciliation, decreases in pollution, etc.). Over the months, a panoply of problems has also arisen, caused by the lack of experience and regulation in this regard, which time and practice will solve.

Another widespread debate affects the role of the state in the economy, and whether this could be reinforced after the long period from which we come: Total deregulation of markets as the safest way to achieve prosperity.

A third discussionconcerns the trends which are emerging today: localizing industrial production to reduce external dependence, the need for greater investment in public health, the increasing technological spending in homes and companies, the continuity of teleworking – Will these emerge strengthened from the unknown post-crisis future that awaits us?

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