Executive Advising

Lyskam EA offers a cutting-edge, highly impactful process for Senior Management executives in 4 essential phases:

Lyscam Executive Advisign service Coaching for business

Today, economic growth is driven through disruptive technological advances. New strategies and formulas must be found to replace business models. Managers must pursue a leadership direction that embraces staff engagement and the inevitability of change.  The challenge is to build effective teams with limited resources that accept ongoing change.

Phase 1

The Competency Demostration Report Performance Assessment (CDR 3-D Suite).

Phase 1 is a journey to the awareness of our talents using The Competency Demonstration Report Performance Assessment (CDR 3-D Suite). We explore our strengths and dormant talents as well as the hindrances to our skills and talents.

CDR 3D Suite. © CDR Assessment Group 2020.

The tool is multidimensional and highly accurate compared to the traditional 360 evaluation of incomplete, vague and imprecise. It is ideal for the establishment of career plans, rotations, strategic changes, organization chart, mergers or purchases.

Phase 2

Management Scan. © Lyskam EA 2020
Management Scan. © Lyskam EA 2020

The revolutionary Management Scan (MS).

This innovative tool created by the Lyskam team allows leaders to modulate their behaviour to efficiently tune into their teams and measure their range of efficiency as managers.

Phase 3

Leader Environment Impact (LEI)

This is the Leader environment impact defined by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching and the Stakeholder theory.

Leader Environment Impact Management Scan. © Lyskam EA 2020
Leader Environment Impact Management Scan. © Lyskam EA 2020

Phase 4

Implementation: Putting theory into Practice

Climbing phases that highlight what has been learned.

  1. Purpose
  2. Supports
  3. Participants
  4. Actions to take
    • How
    • when
    • Pros
    • Cons
  5. Verification and Process
  6. Sharing

It is the stakeholders who tell us if they have perceived additional efforts from the manager towards them. It is the sharing through the creation of that playing field that is “THE MEETING” where exchanges of skills, knowledge, achievements and challenges are shared.
A playing field where decision-making strategies are fully successful because
communication has been effective thanks to the contribution and contribution of all the members who are part of the corporation and participate in the experience.