Taller los rincones de nuestra mente

The Corners of Our Mind



Rosa Algarrada is an Advisor for the Institute for Integral Management Development (IDDI) of the Francisco de Vitoria University. She comes from the business world, has worked in various organizations in Paris, Madrid and Seville, and has successfully combined personal and professional experience with a deep humanistic knowledge.

Connoisseur in the front line of the working climate of the Spanish company, now she helps business men and women and senior managers to install in their organizations a new culture that transforms the mind and develops the wisdom of those who can influence the business world and the society in a remarkable way.

An examination of our thoughts and emotions when it comes to predisposing ourselves to certain situations, in the economic sphere, that occur or not. Our unconscious is a sponge that repeatedly absorbs and reproduces every thought or habit that we do assiduously in our lives, predisposing ourselves to have an abundant or lacking life or company.

At the end of it, she taught us a series of techniques, such as Mindfulness or Immunity to Change, to help us educate our minds to achieve the goals we set ourselves.