Big challenges for the companies

Big challenges for the companies

When I run after what I think I am running my days burn with anguish and anxiety If I feel patient all I needflows to me without any pain So I conclude that what I want too loves me, seeks me and attracts me There is a big secret in it for who can see it

RUMI, Persian polymath

Difficult times for business leadership

We live in difficult times full of great and complex challenges and in which decision-making will have a profound impacton our lives, not only in the future but also in the present. Now is when we have to be disruptive and measure up.

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Companies reinvent themselves. They look for simpler and more dynamic structures that facilitate the governance of their companies and that affect their decision, strategic and production centers.

This article addressesbusiness challengesin the human capital arena, offering an effective solutionthat many top-level executives in many countries have already experienced.

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