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Optimizing work teams is what we do best at Lyskam Executive Advisors. From how to promote the commitment of the templates, through aligning objectives to adapt to the inevitable changes that arise.

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Lyskam Executive Advisors is a Spanish company created in 2013 by a group of enthusiastic people with the improvement of production and communication processes in workgroups.

In 2015, he began the path of Executive Advisement, mainly to publicize and apply in Spain, among others, the Dialogical Advisory methodologies based on ‘The Meeting’. These are based on the guidelines of the philosopher Mr. Alfonso López Quintás, and on the MGSCC (Marshall Gooldsmith Skateholder Centered Coaching), CDR (Competency Demostration Report) and Gallup Stengths Finder methodologies. Its purpose is the evaluation and improvement of leader performance. All of them are supported by the directives of the European and North American gurus of the management of the s. XX and XXI Zygmunt Bauman, Peter Drucker, Ken Blanchard, Paul Hersey, Tom Peters, Dale Carnegie, and others. Also in other inspiring figures and experts in new models piloted by ICT such as Ray Kurtweil or Peter Diamandis.

We have experience in training and advising more than 200 executives from different sectors (1) , in multiple countries (2) , who are part of first-rate national (3) and international (4) corporations. IE Business School, the first school in the country, has been the pioneer in taking it to its Senior Management Programs, led by Marta Williams and with the front-line participation of our project director Rosa Algarrada.

(1) Financial, Engineering, Fashion, Sanitary, Food, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Consulting,
Automotive and Winegrower.

(2) Spain, USA, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, South Africa, Dubai, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Panama.
(3)Inditex, Indra, Telefónica, Banco Mare-Nostrum, Ibertec, Ibermutua, Ibercaja, Caja Rural Castilla-La
Mancha, Ernst &Young España SA, Banco Santander, and Grupo Banco Caminos.

(4)Japan Tobacco Int., Etihad Airways, PASHA Bank Azerbaijan, Standard Bank South Africa, Citizens
Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, Brown University, Chicago University, Interbank, Air Europa, Emerson
Process Management, Proaltus CAPITAL Partners, S.L.

Testimonials from our clients and their corporations


Lyskam EA’s vision is to internationally champion the improvement of corporate executive leadership, offering measurable results to our clients.

At Lyskam we create a leadership model that generates professional opportunities, leadership built on collaborative teams. It is the culture of collaboration that enables the leader to discover talented people, detect new leaders, and make the most of their skills. This prevents us from losing valuable people in the medium term. The leadership Lyskam works on is transformational leadership, which is respected and obeyed because it does not impose but rather shares.

A rudder on performance and competitiveness is one of the solutions to these problems.

This requires improving the internal processes of a company. At Lyskam we offer Evaluation and Improvement methodologies.


These are direct and measurable methodologies that help both the manager and the team grow. They directly impact the improvement of processes and decision-making. They also affect the income statement with a sustainable and lasting time horizon.

It is a leadership done so that all the members of the organization can contribute the best of themselves and demonstrate it by setting an example.

The leader is the architect capable of bringing together wills and abilities in the team.

Many technologies on the horizon offer immense opportunities and leaders can take advantage of them to optimize processes.

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