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Executive Advising

Today, economic growth is driven through disruptive technological advances. New strategies and formulas must be found to replace business models. Managers must pursue a leadership direction that embraces staff engagement and the inevitability of change. The challenge is to build effective teams with limited resources that accept ongoing change.


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Executive Advising

Suggest ideas, high-level strategies, and methodologies that effectively deal with improving people’s performance and communication:

  • Recognize the key people in the organization
  • Design and plan a healthy work environment
  • Unite the teams
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Comunication in the company

When it comes to communication, the organization needs a solution for all parts of the organization to work together.

Customer information and data must be constantly fed back to all departments and stakeholders in the company.

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Seminars and Publications

Lyskam organizes interactive seminars that encourage active and effective collaboration of all participants. They are about developing a process that facilitates the individual discovery of one’s knowledge. At the same time, they open new frames of reference through reflection and research. They rest on a philosophical method that generates empowering dialogues that inspire both the speaker and the participant.

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The conference format is offered as a vehicle for reflection, both personal and group, and as a tool for identifying and transforming both personal and professional goals.
Our portfolio of conference topics has been widely accepted in different forums which we update, adapt and rotate on a regular basis. We offer customized formats for specific events or for training sessions that need external reinforcement.

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